About the Foundation

About the Foundation

About the Foundation

“You are a Sunflower” is a non-profit organization operating in the form of a Foundation, legally established on 20.05.2017 at the Judicial District Court of Tirana. Since May 24, 2018, this Foundation also operates in NY, registered under the name “You are a Sunflower Foundation INC.” / Public Non-Profit.


You are a Sunflower Nonprofit Foundation Inc.  mission is to help children with cancer and blood diseases ,and supporting their families and the survivors. Close to our hearts are also children in need and their education. 

Creator and Founder of “You are a Sunflower” Fondation also the person who cares every day is Mrs. Albana Osmani. At the board of the Foundation are renowned and distinguished figures in their professions as well as in the field of philanthropy, such as: Anila Godo, Fadil Berisha, Anisa Kaltanji, Evi Kokalari.

Expanded in the Balkans region in countries such as: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and soon to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our vision is to go globally, wherever children in need are. 

A journey full of sacrifices and with all the strength of our soul, to help those in need. For any public cause, we have diverted to 100% of the collected fund. This is how we operate from our heart! It was the power of the Sunflower Children’s Rights and facing the light!

Thanks to all of your support!

Our mission started by helping children in the state hospitals, where they were treated for   cancer, leukaemia and other blood related diseases. They did not have the most immediate hospital equipment. The state hospitals in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia where we helped were not able to meet their needs. They used old hospital equipment or did not have them at all. This often penalized the health of children in difficult chemotherapy treatments. In state hospitals are placed and treated children who come from families in a very difficult economic situation. So far, we have successfully completed three humanitarian campaigns in three countries, meeting all the immediate needs of three oncologic pavilions in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. By providing the world’s most essential and world-class equipment. As well as the training for doctors and nurses of these pavilions so that everything works perfectly.

 “You Are a Sunflower app game knows also as “Alex Campaign” was downloaded all over the world. You can now download it for free on AppStore and PlayStore.

If you visit Tirana you will find a capital full of sun and light. We are talking about “Tirana, you are a Sunflower”  project. There are altogether 106 Sunflowers in our Capital of Tirana, 80 painted in schools with the message “Children Support Children”. Our flowers are painted in very beautiful graffiti and expect to get your name.

These projects have been much appreciated by the public and have attracted the attention of international media, comparing with the well-known hearts of San Francisco, which were praised for the same motive, humanism.

This projects aims to improve the treating conditions and to provide the hospital equipment for paediatric hospitals of Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

“A child’s wish” is one of our projects that has had a great impact. There were hundreds of letters written by the kids of oncologic pavilion with their wishes: a suit like their favorite hero, spider man or as Elsa and Frozen or a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans or an Ipad. This initiative has gathered many people from all over the world, together to fulfill the wishes of children. Some of them were their last wishes …

“I love You” was the project that came together with the support of the Mobile Company “Vodafone”. We dedicated this project to the foster care children. We branded 2,000 Teddy Bears with Sunflower t-shirts, and  Vodafone logo in the back, hoping to convey the message “I love You” which is very important to these children. These Teddy bears went in the form of a hug to all orphanages of Albania and Kosovo. The staff of “You are a Sunflower” Foundation distributed the bears based on the “Care & Share” project of Vodafone Foundation Albania, together with their staff.

“You are a Sunflower” has been awarded the “Philanthropy of the Year” award for 2017 after the first campaign was successfully closed, which turned into a world-wide viral campaign, as there were thousands of people from around the world wearing t-shirts sunflower and once again testified the values of the “Mother Teresa” people.

Thanks to honored and heartfelt Albanians who did everything to help all the children. Thanks to all of you, as this was just the beginning … For 2018, we were awarded by the RCC with the “Region Champions” award for South East Europe and the Balkans. We are very honored and we hope that this award will bring more light to the children’s lives. We called people’s hearts to join our mission. So far this journey has traveled miles away. Along with a t-shirts they bought, people gave a piece of their heart.

You are a sunflower Art Club, is our ongoing project. It is a collaboration with Raiffeisen Invest, and MTUH, which offers art classes of crafts, painting, dance and theatre for a period of six months twice a week. The program helps children to identify, explore and transform emotional and psychological difficulties. Creative arts therapy can help kids get better, faster.

You are a sunflower Foundation together with the Social Worker, the Psychologist and the artists, have customized a program designed to improve psychological, physical, cognitive and social functioning of the children.