QKUK, Mother Teresa Hospital, Prishtina, Kosovo

QKUK, Mother Teresa Hospital, Prishtina, Kosovo

DARDANIA wears the sun!

While our focus remains the same: Children, our mission is further on, in another Albanian territory, in Kosovo! This was our second humanitarian campaign to help children affected by blood diseases, cancer and leukemia.

The T-shirts with a symbol and a special logo dedicated to Kosovo were introduced earlier during the campaign held in Albania. The symbolism used is proud Dardan helmets with the logo: • I’M A DARDANIAN. Although Kosovo is not covered by PAYPAL service, these t-shirts were bought by 300 Albanian from around the world. We went to Kosovo, and started our campaign by lighting a Sunflower in “Mother Theresa” Square in Pristina, along with Prime Minister MR. Ramush Haradinaj and Ms. Anita Haradinaj, who was also the Ambassador supporting our Campaign in the Republic of Kosovo

The conditions at the State Hospital in Pristina were desperate. We held our first meetings together with Ms. Anita and Head of Hospital where we drafted the list of hospital equipment that we could buy with 60,000 euros  at the end of the campaign after all the t-shirts had been sold. We were all enthusiastic and so we put our heart on this mission. Former Albanian National Captain Mr. Lorik Cana the next day after his Farewell from the green field, was wearing the t-shirts of our campaign dedicated to Kosovo with the Dardane helmet and he supported us wholeheartedly in every step to the end.

The Day of Sanctification of Mother Theresa, a known Albanian who makes us feel proud, October 19th, marked the launch of this campaign in Kosovo, in Dardania, with the lighting of Sunflower in the middle of Pristina Square by Prime Minister Mr. Ramush Haradinaj, his mistress Mrs. Anita Haradinaj and founder of the Foundation “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” Mrs. Albana Osmani.

3000 T-shirts are to be sold at a cost of 20 EUR each, with the aim to raise a fund of 60,000 euro dedicated to the needs of the pavilion of Pediatric hematology-oncology at the Pristina Hospital. This humanitarian campaign will continue alongside with our volunteer work with transparency and integrity, all of us was proud as Albanians for participating in this humanitarian charity campaign.

Wearing Dardanian and wearing the Sunflower to transmit and promote the message of strength, life and hope to all the children of Kosovo. Sunflower in Pristina will be lit every night with city lights to remind every kids that even when darkness comes to cover the city, your flower is the sun and you are the champions of every night and every day.In support of this campaign, everyone posted in their social media photos with their t-shirts and used the hashtag #youareasunflower #imdardanian.


One of the world superstar – Rita Ora from Kosovo, born and spent a few years of childhood in Kosovo, admitted to our Press Conference on the 10th Anniversary of Independence of Kosovo our gift, the T-shirt with Sunflower and posed together with the founder of the Foundation Mrs. Albana Osmani keeping in front of their heart the symbol of children, the sunflower printed on the t-shirts.

Our ambassadors, the legendary captain of the Albanian National Team Mr. Lorik Cana and Mrs. Anita Haradinaj, backed the campaign ‘Dardani, you are sunny!’ with all their potential. Acknowledgment to the GAC organization in Pristina, Kosovo for the support. Special thanks go to Gjirafa Company, CEO of this company, Mr. Mergim Cahani and associates Ms. Iliriana Ibraj and Mr. Gent Sekiraqa, who supported our campaign in every technical and logistical detail by promoting it in all their channels to achieve the goal of helping children. Everything done voluntarily by them.

The love for our Kosovo was sparked, we enjoyed together the last day of the campaign under the motto of humanism, because the one who gives will always enjoy it! The words that we addressed to Kosovo during the campaign: Dardani, now is your turn to shine like the sun! Neither war, nor poverty, nor sickness, can weaken your strength! As a sunflower you will stay strong, straight and proud facing the sun and the light everlasting!

The Hemato-Oncology pavilion of the Pediatric Clinic was in the primary focus where we closed our campaign by getting all the missing equipment to the pavilion. We are working with the Leader Hospital and our Representatives in the Republic of Kosovo in order for other steps to be taken on our way that we started. Great joy and great happiness, all testified how we love Kosovo in the best way by caring for those who belong to that territory, the children of Kosovo.

For the first time now live, the first analysis was performed to measure the level of Methotrexate in patients with acute leukemia in UCCK Pristina Kosovo. This analysis was carried out using the Methotrexate Autoanalyser, equipment that was placed today in the Oncology pavilion powered by hundreds of citizens’ hearts that made it possible to purchase a sunflower T-shirt and fundraiser! This is just a miracle. Thank you all on behalf of the children of Kosovo! Great happiness and joy in these moments!

Doctor Drita Telaku Qosaj Director of Mother Teresa Hospital in Pristina, Kosovo, and Doctor Violeta Grajqevci Uka, Head of Oncathology Pavilion during their speeches at the equipment placement ceremony at UCCK further explain the importance of the equipment received by expressing gratitude and appreciation. thanks to all who made this work a success.