Download the game

Download the game


We have created a game that is very fun and educational, with very powerful messages to society, addressing everyone as citizens of the world. App Game “You are a Sunflower” can be downloaded all over the world through the App Store and the PlayStore, with a value of 4 euro or 5 dollar, which we as a Foundation have decided to contribute for the children in need .

The game “You are a Sunflower” can also be downloaded from any phone number, from all Mobile Phone Companies within the territory of Albania. We created this access for more practicality for the Albanian. The form of text submission so that you can get your code, to open the game is this:

By sending an SMS with text #youareasunflower to number 5 7777 you will receive your code. An SMS has a contribution of 520 ALL (including VAT). The game is made up of four levels, each of which has sub-levels that makes the game even more challenging. From the beginning, you can choose one of the characters or the sunflower or the bear to navigate the game and entertain by all the  challenges that will accompanying elements to make you successfully to win, if you are attentive to the details. The game is definitely very attractive, as the two characters are a bit of a comic, and will surely make you laugh, serving and realizing the reason. Created to make this World a Better Place.

Players will pass easily and in color through a fantastic guide around Albania playing with the characters of the game, a bear and a sunflower, traveling to the North, Center, and South of our country. Also in one of the levels of the game through our symbols is reflected the Albanian Culture and along the levels you can sail to the North of Albania in the South in the center and to be entertained endlessly.

Powerful follow-up messages based on the actuality of the days we live are found in the virtual little book that is earned as a bonus at the end of the game. We dedicated this project to ‘Newborn Babies’, initiated by the Kukes Regional Hospital in Northern Albania. With great support to UNICEF (Albania) and the “Dritan Hoxha” Foundation.