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‘Dardania Wears the Sun’ is a campaign dedicated to the Onco-Hematology Pavilion of UCCK/Pristina. In order to raise chances for the children in need to get cured in this hospital, except for the 3000 T-shirts sold in Pristina and Tirana, you can donate through the ‘Donate’ button.

For the persons who can not donate online through the ‘Donate’ button, below herein are the bank accounts data, where you could physically deposit any amount at any branch, till the end of the campaign:

The focus of the campaign ‘Dardania wears the Sun’ is the UCCK hospital.
The Hemato-Oncology pavilion of the Paediatric Clinic.

The goal of the project is to meet the main needs of this pavilion, i.e. the operations of the flow cytometer apparatus for the diagnosis of leukemia at children of the age group 0-18 years old.

Today, a significant number of children in Kosovo suffer from leukemia, and their fast and safe diagnosis is necessary. Given the lack of reagents for the diagnosis of leukemia in children, doctors are forced to send blood samples to Austria hospitals.
With a view to provide an accurate diagnosis within the country of Kosovo, the need for these reagents brings us all together into this awareness raising campaign, to enable the provision of such materials with the funds raised out of this campaign. The need for such materials will continue even in the future, however, through this awareness raising campaign, we will enable the provision of a significant part of these reagents, and a full awareness raising of the Albanian population, aiming to continue to make a difference. We hope that everybody joins us, in any form, to be closer to the children of Kosovo.
The following represent the 3 relevant points for the development and implementation:

  1. Operation of the Flow Cytometer apparatus for the diagnosis of leukemia in children.
  2. Provision of reagents for this apparatus.
  3. Training of the staff that will work with this apparatus.



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