Tirana You are a Sunflower

Tirana You are a Sunflower

‘Tirana, you are a Sunflower’ brightened by humanism. 106 sunflowers are part of this project aiding the Regional Hospital of Elbasan, which parameters are completely out of normal conditions.

The paediatric hospital of Elbasan, where many children are hospitalised and cured and which covers medical services for many adjacent cities, is the new focus of this campaign.

By providing your contribution as per the sunflower-based amounts, together we will manage to revitalise this hospital, starting from the very basic needs.

All technical details are described below in details.

You buy a sunflower a save a child!

In the map below, you may find all the sunflowers and their relevant locations. Please fill in the form with your personal data by clicking on the sunflower that you wish to buy. Your confidential information will be automatically submitted to the staff of the ‘You are a Sunflower’ Foundation, who will contact you in order to proceed with the payment and placement of the table with your details at the location of your sunflower.

Please take care that your data is accurate.

On behalf of the Albanian children, thank you for your contribution.

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Luledielli me vlere kontributi 500 Euro
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Luledielli me vlere kontributi 1500 Euro
Sunflower tabela
Luledielli me vlere kontributi 5000 Euro

Dear friend,  


I am writing on behalf of You Are a Sunflower Foundation, to share with you our recent initiative ‘Tirana You Are a Sunflower’ and attract your interest and support for the project.  


In cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana, the You Are a Sunflower Foundation intends to paint 250 large Sunflower symbols across large building facades in Tirana and construction sites, to generate awareness raising and support about the struggle that children with potentially terminal diseases face.  Aside each Sunflower drawing, an appropriately sized note, in Albanian language, will mark the contribution of the partner who enabled the symbol: Powered by: (name of company or person) 


Out of a total of 250 Sunflower symbols, 5 illuminated sunflowers have been installed around the city, 20 of them will be as large as a building facade, 80 Sunflowers will be of 2X2 m dimensions, and the remaining 145 will be of 120 X 120cm dimensions. Contributions collected per Sunflower symbol vary from EUR 500 for small sized paintings to EUR 1500 and EUR 5000 for the full-facade Sunflower symbols. For illuminated Sunflowers, the value amounts to EUR 5000. Each company that enabled the specific symbol shall be entitled to maintain their logo for the entire year as per the agreement entered into with the Municipality of Tirana. Upon preliminary signature of an agreement with the Municipality of Tirana, the term may be extended upon specific request from the supporting/sponsoring company.  


Following the suggestion of the Prime Minister, Mr.Rama, the contributions from each supporting companies, foundations or individuals joining and supporting ‘Tirana You Are a Sunflower’  project, shall be allocated to the support of the children at the Elbasan Pediatric Hospital, whereas the remaining funds shall be allocated to Mother Teresa Hospital Pavilion no. 5, where healthcare conditions still remain quite challenging. 


A fully designed website www.youareasunflower.org, which provides information on each Sunflower symbol, including full pictures, address and location that enable visitors from around the world, who visit Tirana, to track the exact address where each Sunflower Symbol is located, equipped with supporting navigation tools available in the website and mobile web address.  

100 % of all funds collected as part of this campaign will be directly allocated to supporting services for children at Elbasan Pediatric Hospital and Mother Teresa Pavilion no.5 Hospital. All expenses and relevant invoices will be available to all supporting companies in keeping on with the practice that we have already established during our first ‘You Are a Sunflower’ T-Shirt campaign.  

On behalf of the children that will benefit from your support, I would like to thank you in advance.