You are a sunflower

You are a Sunflower

Closing ceremony in
Tirana, Albania

Transportation and Installation of medical devices in Mother Teresa Hospital, Tirana.

“YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” was initially inspired as an awareness-raising campaign aimed at fund-raising to assist children who suffer from blood diseases and who have been hospitalized at the Pediatric Onco-hematology pavilion at QSUT (Mother Theresa University Hospital).

These actions were inspired under the idea, concept and care of AlbanaOsmani. It was her wish to help children and to improve their curing and treatment conditions. She was the driver of the entire idea, for turning the concept of this campaignoperational. Aiming to facilitate the pain and difficult moments these kids are passing through, “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign accomplished its goal by selling products, designed and produced with lots of love and dedication. The income collected from the sales will serve to purchase respiratory equipment for the treatment of children hospitalized in the intensive care pavilion. These funds will also serve to buy new chemo-therapy beds to help children relax quietly, listen to music, or watch cartoons while they receive their treatment. These investmentswill also help them cherish into their own beautiful childish world, ease their pain and achieve better psychological, emotional and physical state.


The products designed for “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign were T-shirts, made of ecological and recyclable cotton, produced in compliance with the respectiveISO European standards. These T-shirts were branded with the SUNFLOWER stamp, as a comprehensive symbol of strength, hope and life. Each of you who will become part of this campaign, will have the opportunity to buy their own productsonline at the e-Shop


“YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” mission was to spread and share the powerful message of strength and hope for life, through the sales of these T-shirts. We accomplished the goals of our campaign through the purchase of new medical equipment and beds designed for children, which constitute the primary vital needs for all the children hospitalized and receiving treatment at QSUT. These children really need us, they need strengthand hopefor leading a normal life, like all the rest of us.


The qualitative products of “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign were designedwith sunflowers. AlbanaOsmaniwas the curator for painting the sunflower design. After that, these sunflowers were adapted based on the respective age group, starting withelderly ladies and gentlemen, young people, teenagers, kids, babies and finally our dearestfour-paw friends. There is a wide range of choices, based on age, gender and size. T-shirts are made available in various designs, and they come in a wide range of styles, by meeting everybody’s taste.



How did the “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” awareness-raising campaign start and who are those people who provided their support to make this project come true?

Everything was inspired by Albana Osmani, who originally had the idea, detailed concept and proper care for the entire process. After she painted the sunflowers, she started organizing the first meetings with people from creative and production sectors. In the course of these meetings with professionals, she managedto bring togetherplenty of valuable hints and advices on how to perfectly establish this campaign,with the aim to launch these productsfor sale at the e-Shop

     –  Who is Anna White James?

You would think that she is a foreign character, but you are completely wrong… 

“Anna” is the arts name of the moderator Albana Osmani. “White” stands for Bora and “James” stands for Xhemal. This is how AlbanaOsmani calls her parents, full of caress and humor. Through tis project, Albana really wishes to make her parents feel proud of her, together with all the people that joined this humanitarian initiative.


One T-shirt will cost 20 Euro.  The first 3000 T-shirtswere waiting for you in the e-Shop at for online sales worldwide. 

The free shipping within the territory of the Republic of Albania and 75% discount for official shipping fees worldwide, thanks to DHL, leader courier delivery services worldwide.

The “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” spot shootings took place at Pediatric Onco-hematology pavilion at “Mother Theresa” University Hospital (QSUT). The children of this TV spot are hospitalized and are being treated in this hospital. With the help of these kids, everything turned much easier for us, because these little angels had lots of fun by playing games during the shootings. With the permission of their parents and their presence during the shootings, our job was wonderfully easy. A big Thank You to all thekids, Ariana Alla, Klodiana Shkëmbi, Leo Jonuzi, Mikel Hakushi, Rigers Sadikaj and Huana Dajko.

Lots of thanks to the nurse, Klara Biraci. and last, but not least, gratitude tothe Head of the Pavilion, Prof. Dr. Anila Godo.

The website was designed by IT webmasters Herado Ajazi and Greta Harapaj. Everything provided in this website is designed in line with e-Shop international standards. It was a restless job going on for many weeks, fully inspired and supporting this cause. Our webmasters aimed at providing excellent and tailored need-based services. Thank you, Herado and Greta.


Characters photographed with T-shirts on are professionals of different fields and representatives of different age groups. The well-known photographer Endrit Mertiti was a very close cooperator and he dedicated all his time, studio and post production to produce the best photos in support of this campaign, deeply from his heart.


Make-Up artist Suela Cangu, took care of these characters’ image for long hours, so that they could shine, like the sun, like the flower.

Thanks to Miranda Dupi, Image Maker who worked so passionately during the shootings.

 Thank you to Mr. NehatShkurti and Ms. DashuriShkurti / Retirees, Rudina Thanasi / Dermatologists,Cosmetician, Author Researcher, ArtanKullolli / Bar Man, ElviSharra / Businessman, Anisa Mukaj / model, Brisi Mehmeti / model, OrgesaKalemi/ businesswoman, Gert Koxhja / student and model,Gledisa Arthur / actress, Henry AlushiOsmani / child actor and model, Deborah AlushiOsmani / child artist and model, Ryan Osmani / supermodel baby and four-paw friends, Boo and Boaz.


A big thank you to all the characters, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children, Baby Ryan and four-paw friends, who helped and supportedthis campaign with their presence and contribution.


Thank you, Top Channel, President Ms. Vjollca Hoxha for the great media support without which it would have been impossible to vest the right glitter to this campaign. Thank you to the TV Channel of all Albanians.


The limited-edition T- shirt titled “I am Dardanian”, is a dedication for Dardania, Kosovo. The Dardanin helmet is a symbol standing for this Albanian territory. The T-shirt is also a dedication toAlbana’s brother,Dardan, who represents the biggest encouragement towards success during this awareness-raising campaign,by entrusting all his heart and beliefs to the Sunflower. Thank you, Dardan!

The biggest support during this campaign was providedby the largest mobile company in Albania, VODAFONE. Thank you VODAFENE from the bottom of my heart, gratitude to CEO Mrs. Dietlof Mare and all the employees of this company.


Many thanks to DHL Company, Ola1, Agna Group, Proper Pizza.

Thank you to “Children for Peace” for your support and for being with us till the end of our first campaign.

Finally, a great and sincere gratitude to all of you who brought life to this campaign. A humble thank you to 3thousand Ambassadors of “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER”campaign.

Albanians from all over the world bought t-shirts, helping spread lots of awareness. The popular responsiveness was great at social media. The hashtag #youareasunflower became viral everywhere in the social media network. Hundreds of T-shirts were sold every day, hundreds of voices calling for awareness-raising. Businesses and individuals from Albania and across the borders in the Balkans, Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Arabia, and globally bought these T-shirts. Everything was remarkably awesome.

Many well-known people having public profiles and high influence in the Albanian society also bought T-shirts and posted phtos in their profiles for support and awareness-raising. Among these, many very important people such as:The Prime Minister, Mayor, State Ministers, Public Institutions, CEOs of prestigious companies and media and televisionpeople. However, the greatest love and appreciation goes to those people living in average income levelsof the Albanian economy, who managed to buy a T-shirt for EUR 20, with the only purpose to help the children of our country, Albania. GRATITUDE!!


Thanks to BrisildaMataj, EstiZekaj and GertiKoxhaj, who for 7 and a half weeks worked for unlimited time. Me and my teamdedicated all our efforts from the bottom of our heart.  The sun lit our hearts until the end of our mission for the successful accomplishment of “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign.

All shirts were sold out in just 7 weeks and 4 days. On June 1st, we organized the inauguration at “Mother Teresa” Hospital Center,with the participation of all those who came to our support, doctors, children and their families, companies and media. We placed all the respiratory equipment, chemotherapy beds, chemotherapy pumps, 20 portative beds for the accommodation and comfort of mothers while taking care of their children at night. We also placed 20 new TV sets in every room, operational through a USB stick, so children can watch their favorite cartoons under the care of a Social Worker. We replaced the weighing devicesfor children and babies, and we transformed the chemotherapy room into a mini-cinema. We hope that all these transformationsand missing necessities in QSUTwill improve the service provided and save lives. We all feel that in one way or another, we managed to accomplish our goals and bring the sunshine for just one single day to someone in this world.

And this is just the beginning…YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER founded the Foundation in just a few weeks, and in 7 months, we engage ourselves with the same commitment and love to our focus “everything for Albanian Children”, 100% charity


May God bless you!

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