About us

YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER is a non-profit organization operating in the form of a Foundation, legally established on 20.05.2017 with Tirana Judicial District Court, under the management of Mrs. Albana Osmani.

Since June 2018, this Foundation also operates with its affiliate established in NY, registered under the name “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER INCORPORATED”. The Board of the Foundation and the status of ambassadors are composed of well-known figures distinguished in the field of philanthropy, such as Anila Godo, Sadie Berisha, Donika Bardha, Inva Mula, Fadil Berisha, Evi Kokalari, Shadije Kodza. The staff of this organization operating in the form of a foundation includes Albana Osmani, Executive Director of the Foundation and Afërdita Dundo, assistant to the Executive Director of the Foundation for executive and logistics management. Daniel Kordhoni is acting in the role of associate in our latest project “You are a Sunflower Application Game”. Agron Sallmani is acting in the role of our associate in the Republic of Macedonia.

CR PARTNERS and Sali Association are the two offices providing legal and economic support.


The mission of the organization operating as a Foundation entity is to help children in need, including not only the category of children suffering from various diseases, with the aim to improve the conditions of the social environment where they live, are cured and treated. Since June 2018, the subsidiary of this organization has been legally established in the US as a non-profit organization, and we believe that it will open doors to accomplish our vision to expand globally with our ideas and products, placing them on sale for well-defined contribution values. All the funds raised during the campaign will serve to fulfil the goals of the causes raised in every country of the world, where the Sunflower will fly to help the children in need.

On June 1, 2017, we concluded the first campaign initiated as an awareness raising campaign for fund-raising to help children affected by blood diseases, who are cured and treated at the Paediatric Onco-haematology pavilion at QSUT (Mother Theresa University Hospital).

Everything was initially inspired under the idea, concept and care of Albana Osmani. It was her wish to help children and to improve the conditions where they are cured and treated. Her wish was the driver of the entire idea, for turning the concept of this campaign operational. Aiming to facilitate the pain and difficult moments these children are passing through during these painful cures ad treatments, “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign accomplished its goal by selling products, designed and produced with lots of love and dedication. The income collected from the sale of 3000 T-shirts with the stamped sunflower symbol, each of which at a price of 20 euro, amounted to a total value of 60.000 eur. The fund collected out of this campaign served to purchase respiratory devices for the treatment of children hospitalized in the intensive care pavilion. Moreover, this fund also served to purchase new chemotherapy pumps and new beds for chemotherapy sessions. As the children will receive the necessary treatment in these beds, they will relax quietly, listen to music with their headphones on, or watch cartoons in their hospital rooms restored thanks to the funds collected through the humanitarian campaign “You are e Sunflower”.

Moreover, these chemotherapy pumps, such much-needed devices which were previously missing in the pavilion, are already available and help to deliver professional services in children healthcare. These devices have also resulted in great help for the medical staff, who now can respond in detail to all the children hospitalized in this pavilion. New TV sets were set up in each room, as well as portable beds for mothers who stay close to the children for days and nights, often for months and sometimes even for years. Previously, mothers used to sleep nearby their children in very unfavourable conditions, often in the chair, forced to sacrifice everything. Whereas now, these portable beds, which during the day may be converted into massage chairs, are a great relief. Thus, everything was successfully accomplished in the first campaign, and the little ones will be accommodated in better conditions to help them cherish into their own beautiful childish world. These improved conditions will serve for greater psychological, emotional and physical state.

The products designed for the “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign were T-shirts, made of ecological and recyclable cotton, produced in compliance with the respective ISO European standards. These T-shirts were branded with the SUNFLOWER symbol stamp, as a comprehensive symbol of strength, hope and life. Every person who wishes to become part of this campaign, will have the opportunity to buy their own products online at the e-shop www.youareasunflower.com.

The powerful message was spread to every person in every corner of the world, for more hope, strength and life. Through the purchase of these T-shirts, we managed to fulfil the mission of this campaign:  the purchase of new medical equipment and beds designed for children, which constitute the primary vital needs for all the children hospitalized and receiving treatment at QSUT. These children need strength; they need hope; they need to live like all the rest of us.

The qualitative products of the first “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign were designed with sunflower symbols. Albana Osmani was the curator for painting the sunflower design. After that, these sunflowers were adapted based on the respective age group, starting with elderly ladies and gentlemen, young people, teenagers, kids, babies and finally our dearest four-paw friends. There is a wide range of choices, based on age, gender and size. T-shirts were available in various sizes and designs, and they come in a wide range of styles, by meeting everybody’s taste.

How did the “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” awareness-raising campaign start and who are those people who provided their support to make this project come into life?

Everything was inspired by Albana Osmani, who originally had the idea, detailed concept and proper care for the entire process. After she painted the sunflowers, she started organizing the first meetings with people from creative and production sectors. In the course of these meetings with professionals, she managed to bring together plenty of valuable hints and advices on how to perfectly design this campaign, with the aim to launch these products for sale at the e-shop.

Albana dedicated the first campaign to her parents, White and James. Therefore, completely unaware that one day a Foundation would have been established, the first e-shop was dedicated to her parents. Anna stands for her own shortened name, “White” stands for Bora, her mother and “James” stands for Xhemal, her father. So, the first website was www.annawhitejames.com (which was later replaced by the current website www.youareasunflower.com)

Through tis project, Albana really wishes to make her parents feel proud of her, together with all the people who joined this humanitarian initiative. However, the first phase of the project is already completed and after the establishment of the Foundation, the website dedicated to the first campaign is no longer available. We are now officially represented with the online e-shop in the website www.youareasunflower.org .

The cost of one t-shirt would be 20 Euro.  The first 3000 t-shirts were available in the e-shop for online sale worldwide. 

Free shipping was provided within the territory of the Republic of Albania and 75% discount from official shipping fees worldwide, thanks to DHL, the leader courier delivery services worldwide.

The “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” spot took place at Paediatric Onco-hematology pavilion at “Mother Theresa” University Medical Hospital (QSUT). The children appearing in this TV spot are hospitalized and are being treated in this hospital centre. With the help of these little ones, everything turned much easier for us, because these little angels had lots of fun while playing games during the shootings. With the permission of their parents and their presence during the shootings, our job turned wonderfully easy. A big Thank You to all these children Ariana Alla, Klodiana Shkëmbi, Klevis Cuka, Leo Jonuzi, Mikel Hakushi, Rigers Sadikaj and Huana Dajko. Lots of thanks to the nurse Klara Biraci, and last, but not least, gratitude to the Head of the Pavilion, Prof. Dr. Anila Godo.

The website was designed by IT webmasters Herado Ajazi and Greta Harapaj. Everything provided in this website is designed in line with e-shop international standards. It was a restless job going on for many weeks, fully inspired and supporting this cause. Our webmasters aimed at providing excellent and tailored need-based services. Thank you to Herado and Greta.

The first characters photographed with the sunflower symbol t-shirts on are professionals of different fields and representatives of different age groups. Gratitude to Mr. Nehat Shkurti and Mrs. Dashuri Shkurti , retirees; Rudina Thanasi , dermatologists, cosmetician, author researcher; Artan Kullolli, bar man; Elvi Sharra, businessman; Anisa Mukaj, model; Brisi Mehmeti, model; Orgesa Kalemi, businesswoman; Gert Koxhja, student and model; Gledisa Arthur, actress; Henry Alushi Osmani, child actor and model; Deborah Alushi Osmani, child artist and model; Ryan Osmani, baby supermodel, and our four-paw friends, Boo and Boaz.

The well-known photographer, Endrit Mertiti was in charge for photo shooting and post production.

Suela Cangu, make-up artist.

Miranda Dupi, image maker.

A big Thank You to all the characters, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children, Baby Ryan and four-paw friends, who helped and supported this campaign with their presence and contribution.

Gratitude to Top Channel, President Mrs. Vjollca Hoxha for the great media support without which it would have been impossible to vest the proper glitter to this campaign. Thank you to the TV Channel of all Albanians.


The limited-edition t-shirt designed with the symbol “I am Dardanian” represents a dedication for Dardania, Kosovo. The Dardanin helmet is a symbol standing for these Albanian territories. The t-shirt is also a dedication to Albana’s brother, Dardan, who represents the strongest encouragement towards success during this awareness-raising campaign, by entrusting all his heart and beliefs to the Sunflower. Thank you, Dardan!

The biggest support during this campaign was provided by the largest mobile company in Albania, VODAFONE. A big thank you goes to CEO Mrs. Dietlof Mare, from the bottom of our heart, and to all the employees of this company.

Special thanks go to DHL Company, Ola1, Agna Group, Proper Pizza.

Thank you to “Children for Peace” for your support and for being with us till the successful completion of our first campaign.

Finally, a great and sincere thank you goes to all of you who brought this campaign into life. A humble “Thank you” to 3 thousand Ambassadors of “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER”campaign.

Albanians from all over the world bought t-shirts, helping spread lots of awareness. The popular reaction at social media was impressive. The hashtag #youareasunflower became viral in social networks. Hundreds of T-shirts were sold every day, hundreds of voices calling for awareness-raising. Companies, businesses and individuals from Albania and across the borders in the Balkans, Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Arabia, and worldwide bought these t-shirts. Everything was remarkably awesome.

Many well-known persons having public profiles and high influence in the Albanian society also bought t-shirts and posted photos in their profiles for greater support and further awareness-raising. Among these, there were many very important persons such as: The Prime Minister, the Mayor, State Ministers, Public Institutions, CEOs of prestigious companies and media and television people. However, the greatest love and appreciation goes to those people living in average income levels of the Albanian economy, who managed to buy one t-shirt for 20 eur, with the only purpose to help the children of our country, Albania.


Thanks to Brisilda Mataj, Esti Zekaj and Gerti Koxhaj who, for 7 and a half weeks, worked restless for unlimited time. My team and me dedicated all our efforts from the bottom of our heart.  The sun lit our hearts until the end of our mission for the successful accomplishment of “YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER” campaign.

All shirts were sold out in just 7 weeks and 4 days. On June 1st, we organized the inauguration at “Mother Teresa” Hospital Centre, with the participation of all those people who came to our support: doctors, children and their families, companies and media. We placed all the respiratory devices, chemotherapy beds, chemotherapy pumps, 20 mobile beds for the accommodation and comfort of mothers while taking care of their children during the nights. We also placed 20 new TV sets in every room, operational through a USB device, so children can watch their favourite cartoons under the care of a social worker. We replaced the weighing devices for children and new born babies, and we transformed the chemotherapy room into a mini-cinema. We hope that all these transformations and missing necessities in QSUT will improve the services provided and save many lives. We all feel that in one way or another, we managed to accomplish our mission and bring the sunshine just for one day to someone in this world.

And this is just the beginning… In just a few weeks YOU ARE A SUNFLOWER was founded as Foundation, and in 7 months, we engage ourselves with the same commitment and love to our focus “everything for Albanian Children”, 100% charity



The project “Tirana You Are a Sunflower” was launched immediately in June 2017. 106 Sunflowers were painted all over Tirana, which are mostly located in the premises of the capital’s schools. In 80 schools, there are 80 sunflowers that convey the message “Children supporting children”. 26 other sunflowers are painted around the main streets of the capital, and Tirana is already sun-filled with love, conveying the message of the human capital to every visitor. With the support of the Tirana Municipality, the Directorate of Décor and the talented painters of the Artistic Lyceum “Jordan Misja” in Tirana, in four years’ time, these sunflowers will be part of a humanitarian project in support of Elbasani Hospital. All these sunflowers are awarded based on specific contribution value, and we hope that one day all the sunflowers will be booked and funded, and the entire fund will be allocated to the aid of this regional hospital.

The sunflowers are pinned on a digital map, and as soon as all of them are funded, this map will be handed over to the Municipality of Tirana to be promoted to all visitors with the powerful message dedicated to children, by donating them more sun and strength in their lives. We hope that one day we will propose this project to Google Map and display this map worldwide to show the world the human spirit of our country springing out of the genesis, and how we stand together for every child. We wish to show the world that, from the lands where Mother Teresa was born, there is a glowing light full of hope for the future of every child in the world.

Our mission succeeded on with another project, with the support of Vodafone Albania. Two thousand teddy bears were produced, with the sunflower logo and Vodafone logo printed on them. For the first time, Vodafone designed their logo in a very stylish and elegant way, with a dedication for each child, in the framework of the Share&Care campaign organized at the end of the year 2017. Hundreds of children in the orphanages of Albania and Kosovo were gifted their favourite teddy bear with the message “I love you”, embroidered by Vodafone and “You are a Sunflower” with lots of love for every child. Thank you, Vodafone, for supporting our idea by holding our hand and not letting us stop throughout our journey. You encouraged us to make this campaign become true. We believe that the happiness and smiles of children in the end of 2017 was the most beautiful gift for everyone! 500 of these teddy bears were sold online everywhere, and the money collected was used to develop the “You Are a Sunflower Application Game” project, for which we are very proud and enthusiastic.

Our volunteering work has been quite intensive, by dedicating our efforts day and night. Every fund collected publicly goes to the destination, each and every penny. Top Media – Top Channel has always been of our greatest supporters in media exposure. Our projects were granted the maximum TV space, by launching them in the most popular TV programs as well as by providing coverage in news editions chronicles, where all details that we believed were relevant to the general public were disclosed. Top Channel broadcasted our two TV spots: “You are a sunflower” campaign in Albania, and the second campaign that was launched in Kosovo, “Dardania wears the sun”. Gratitude to Top Media and Mrs. Vjollca Hoxha for the great support and encouragement to stand together for every child, for any cause raised.

The campaign “Dardania wears the sun” was launched in Kosovo by the end of 2017. The same formula was applied in Kosovo to raise the fund of 60 thousand Eur. It was successfully completed! All T-shirts were sold, and hundreds of ordinary citizens donated their heartfelt contribution, along with well-known personalities of the arts, sports, politics. Special gratitude goes to the Ambassador of this campaign in Kosovo, Mrs. Anita Haradinaj, who thanks to her influence as a woman of public profile for many years in the television world, as a mother of three children and as a mother’s daughter, devoded all her heartfelt efforts to successfully accomplish this campaign.

A big thank you also goes to Mr. Lorik Cana, the legendary captain who supported us with his very beloved public image since the beginning of this campaign, with all his potentials and great influence in every respect, especially in the field of philanthropy through the “LC 5 Foundation” foundation he runs during the recent years. Thank you for being with us in this campaign, to help the children of QKUK Pristina, Kosovo.

“GAC Organization” was also one of our greatest supporters during this campaign, contracted with us for the smooth running of the entire process. Thanks to the Gjirafa Company, which made available all its credentials for enabling the sunflower and the Illyrian Dardania logo T-shirts, dedicated to this humanitarian campaign. Gratitude to all of you for being our precious friends along this journey. We managed to accomplish the mission of this campaign together. These projects were recognised by the Prime Ministers’ Office and the Government of Kosovo and, at the same time were congratulated by the President, the Prime Minister and the entire Parliament, who wore the campaign T-shirts in one of the parliamentary sessions, who further conveyed the message initially spread by this campaign: Life, Hope, Strength for every child!

In the course of this campaign, the Albanian Parliament, during the last parliamentary session of 2017, wore the sunflower T-shirts in support of Kosovo’s children. Gratitude and appreciation! We thank all those people who, beyond buying a T-shirt, believed that miracles reach those children and their families, all those people who believed that when actions are driven by love, their value is priceless!

Now, we are all happy and excited about the changes in QKUK Hospital, lit by the sun shining in the children’s souls and their bright future ahead. We pray that their future be bright and healthy!

Currently, a sunflower shines bright in the Macedonian capital where, on 04.06.2018 the campaign “Macedonia You are a Sunflower” was officially launched during the event organised by the government of Macedonia in recognition of the first campaign in support of children, regardless of their ethnicity, being Albanian or Macedonian. The Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Talat Xhaferi, spread the encouraging message, as a parent and as Speaker of the Parliament, to provide our support for the cause raised for the children of “Mother Teresa” Hospital in Skopje, dedicated to the onco-haematology pavilion.



Other important personalities such as the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, the Albanian Ambassador in Macedonia, and distinguished personalities who were wearing sunflower T-shirts, were present in this event, by contributing to this awareness raising campaign. We are happy to have launched the humanitarian campaign in the Republic of Macedonia, hoping that the T-shirts will be sold as soon as possible, since the needs of the little ones are really big. Gratitude to our collaborators in Macedonia, our staff member acting as associate, Mr. Agron Sallmani, who already provided his first support through “Agram Construction”, with the production of 3000 T-shirts for the campaign. Fully committed to successfully accomplish the entire process, he is working in collaboration with the Mediak Company 2, Mr. Tim Ademi, who are working for the perfect coordination of each logistical element of the technical process. Thank you to the Municipality of Skopje and its Mayor for the institutional support.



Our most recent project “You are a Sunflower Application Game” supported by UNICEF Albania, is entirely dedicated to the Regional Hospital of the city of Kukës, specifically to the new born babies’ pavilion. This application is a very attractive 4-level game, where each level is composed of 4 sublevels. Entertainment is fully guaranteed, bot not only… This application game widely promotes Albania, from the north to the south, highlighting the most noble elements of our culture through the images displayed from the best views and locations of our beautiful Albania. Once you go through the end of the game, the most powerful messages are rendered as a reward through the “Virtual Book”. The virtual book tells the story of the sunflower. It tells the initial journey of the sunflower around the globe, when suddenly she landed on a small and poor country like Albania. God had blessed this country, where good big-hearted people lived. The country where the Sunflower started her journey was exactly the land where Mother Teresa was born. The Sunflower lands in many capital cities of the world and children convey their most powerful messages against bulism, abuse, poverty and their wish that, despite their geographical location around the globe, what a child merely wants is to be a child.

This Application Game may be downloaded globally in any Smart and Android phone, for only 2.99 Eur and all the funds raised will go to the hospital of Kukës, initially to the new born babies’ pavilion. After that, based on the amount of money collected, this fund will come to the support of the paediatric pavilion of the biggest regional hospital of the north of Albania.

Another opportunity provided to all Vodafone operators is that, by sending an SMS at the cost of 520 ALL (included tax) at 57777 with the text message #tijenjeluledielli, they will instantly receive the code to download the game from the App Store and Google Store, without using their online service cards. So, through just an SMS, everybody can download the “You are a Sunflower” game. This is how we will have the opportunity to help the Kukës Hospital from the bottom of our heart and, at the same time, we will enjoy playing the so much attractive game, reminding all people around the world that there is a game where they can get to explore Albania and become part of this humanitarian campaign.

We have the support of the “Dritan Hoxha” Foundation in this project, as in every step we take forward. The Top Media family has been and still remains among the biggest supporters. Thank you from the heart.

We really hope that this project is as much as successful as the others, and that we will all be witnessing the most wanted change raised in this caused for the hospital of northern Albania.